LASER Talk with Rudolfo Quintas: Artificial Intuition – Blending Art and Medicine in the Age of AI

Monday, 26th February 2024, 14:30

Auditorium 58, Egas Moniz Building, Instituto de Medicina Molecular

“Can artists significantly contribute to the future of medicine and healthcare? Are we on the cusp of a revolutionary era where interdisciplinary knowledge flourishes?”

Portuguese media artist, Rudolfo Quintas, will answer these questions in the upcoming LASER Talk organized by Blend at Instituto de Medicina Molecular.

The presentation will be structured around three main topics: Data Art, AI in Medicine, and the convergence of Art and Medicine.

Quintas will explore concepts intricately linked to art forms, art experiences, and the human body. The talk will touch on personified data art, drawing inspiration from his studio's past AI Data Art projects, including “News Feed” (2018-2023), “Keystones” (2019-2021), “Darkless” (2014-2023), and “O Ato Ciênsivel” (2023-2024.

Don't miss this thought-provoking LASER Talk that will lay the groundwork for future projects that will bridge Art and Health.

About the artist:

Rudolfo Quintas is a Portuguese media artist creating data mapping installations, paintings, sculptures and performances using interactive, generative and artificial intelligence techniques. In a continuous dialogue between philosophy, science and technology, Quintas frequently designs algorithmic and computer based installations that involve cognitive feedback processes for the self-exploration of the audience.

Quintas took these feedback processes to a greater scale by portraying society in data paintings that speculate the relation between infodemic and mental health to discuss invisible systems of power and control in the social, political and psychological domains.

The artworks have been shown in galleries, cultural venues and art festivals, such as the Transmediale/CTM festival (Berlin), Todays Art festival (The Hague), Dox Gallery and the ENTER festival (Prague), Fundació “La Caixa ” (Barcelona), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), STEIM (Amsterdam), the “Uncharted” exhibition at Santralistanbul (Istanbul), Pixelache festival at Kiasma museum (Helsinki), NIME (Sydney) or the Royal College of Art in London. In Portugal, Quintas has recently presented his work in Sónar Festival, the Index of Art and Technology festival in Braga, Foco Gallery in Lisbon, the Convento de São Francisco cultural center in Coimbra, the Criatek festival in Aveiro, the MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art Chiado and Carpintarias De São Lázaro.